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请系好安全带 用英语怎么说

Please fasten your seatbelt 请系好安全带 2.Fasten your seat belt. 系好你的安全带 3.Fasten your seat belt, please 请把安全带系好。 4.Remember– always fasten your seat belt. 记转永远要系上安全带。

Buckle up


系好安全带 fasten your seatbelt

Ladies and gentlemen, please note that the vehicle is about to set out for your safety please fasten your seat belt. 各位旅客请注意了车辆即将出发为了你的安全请系好您的安全带

你好!飞机起飞时要求所有乘客都系好安全带 When the plane takes off, all passengers are required to fasten their seat belts

Please fasten your safety-belt.

翻译: You must fasten your seat belt。 读法:【juː mʌst 'fɑːs(ə)n jɔ:(r) siːt belt】 学习英语的方法和技巧: 1.上课时间一定要充分把握,思维跟着老师走。 2.坚持听磁带录音并大声朗读课文,可改善自己的语...

Don't forget the seat belt!

How welcome you aboard the taxi companies, requested the front passenger seat belts is good


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