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3、Her friends are in the first picture. 4、They are not my brothers. 5、My dog Kipper is in my family, too.

英语作业真是有点多啊 English homework is a little bit too much.

Because 我很兴奋,因为…… displays 表示展示物,可数名词 but 表示转折,我们逛了2个小时,但是只买到…… quickly 动词walk+副词 and pressed 表示走进电梯,然后按电梯,递进动作 parking 停车场 was 被动,被偷 anxiously 动词cry+副词 patien...

A. Lived, visited, gave, voted, smiled, replied, kept, thought, asked, answered, learned, studied 1. They work in the fields everyday although they are old. 2. She lived in the small hut happily with her husband although she wa...

he says that he will write a letter soon


In the futuer, robots will help people do many things such as doing house work, caring baby and driving .At that time , every people will living happily and peacefully.


Nowadays, every student pays enough attention to study habit because of its importance. As for me, I have three ways to improve my study habits. 现在,每个学生都很注意学习习惯,因为它很重要。对我而言,我有三种方法来改善我的学习...


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