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textbook是教材、课本,exercise book是练习本,作业本你可以直接说homework

作业本 Exercise book 如果可以请采纳

为你解答。 56、B 57、D 58、D 59、C 60、D 61、B 62、A 63、D 64、C 65、A

用word 文档 插入表格,选一列,四行,制成四行的模板 再复制就行了 。

when where when whose why which when which why who

1张着大大的嘴__________________. 2裹(guo)着毯子睡觉____________________. 3lots of troubles 4they hid themselves 5repeat his words 6去狩猎/野营______________________________. 7Don't scare the cats. 8Don't feed him fish bones. 9D...

To: Steven King(Kingst@hotmail.com) From: Alan Jones (AJ 961@yahoo.com) Subject: 3D Printer Date: 15 Oct. 2015 Dear Mr. Steven King (可以用全名的),this is Alan Jones from Purchase Department of ABC Company, are you the respo...

A. Lived, visited, gave, voted, smiled, replied, kept, thought, asked, answered, learned, studied 1. They work in the fields everyday although they are old. 2. She lived in the small hut happily with her husband although she wa...



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