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1-5DAAAA 6-10CCACB 11-15DB'BCA 1Neither nor are teachers 2Did cost me 3for washing 4haven't many 5How long 6How often 7How are 8paid for i have stuiedin this schoor nearly for there year ago 希望帮助你

A. Lived, visited, gave, voted, smiled, replied, kept, thought, asked, answered, learned, studied 1. They work in the fields everyday although they are old. 2. She lived in the small hut happily with her husband although she wa...



解答如下,答案没问题,检查了一遍,希望能帮到你: 1 circus; 2 princess; 3 altogether; 4 dream; 5 arrangement

八年级下上海分层作业答案 Eight grades in Shanghai layered homework answer

2.The nurse was competent and kind. 3.He read the book without remember what he had read. 4.We should not only put an eye on quantity but also the quality in production. 5.She lost her purse along with her job. She is good at c...

1C 2D 3D 4A 5C 6A 7C 8C 9B 10B 欢迎就我的以上回答进行追问! 若满意我的回答,请记得及时采纳哦

in a way 2题题目有误 ,如果as,if中没调号,或者,那个标点符号在as前,答案就可以选 no better 3To belive would have prevented 对过去的虚拟 hang onto不放弃 1 it做主语,用被动语态 diet up to到达,达到 Congratulations on 固定搭配祝...



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