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GonE ArE ThE DAys 歌词

这是一个倒装强调句, 原语序是 the days are gone,那些日子过去了,你可以在后面加从句 比如。 gone are the days that we studied together。

歌曲名:Gone Are The Days 歌手:Moya Brennan 专辑:Signature Ringo Starr - Gone Are The Days ★ lrc 编辑 妙一法师 Gone are the days Gone are the days sometimes you lose yourself nobody's there when you fight for him Gone are the da...

第一个句子是倒装,gone 是形容词,表示过去了第二个句子不能倒装,gone是动词。表语形容词位于句首句子全部倒装。动词不能提前让句子倒装。

是《Old Black Joe》(《老黑奴》)啦~斯蒂芬.福斯特的 英文歌词: Gone are the days When my heart was young and gay Gone are toils Of the cotton fields away Gone to the fields Of a better land, I know I hear those gentle voices ca...

but all good old days are gone

倒装。 The days when people enjoyed swimming in the rivers are gone.


表语提前的倒装还是比较常见,为了避免头重脚轻,,主语的定比较长时使用; such were the facts that they didn't look into the matter. Helping them raise their artistic level are various professorial organizationsVisiting the Great Wall...

One day, this man met Juliet in the street. Juliet was still single; she could not forget her Romeo. The fire of love ignited within Romeo; but Juliet tried to avoid him. Juliet said, Please let me off. Gone were the days when ...

选C。考查定语从句的用法,先行词为the days,从句中缺少状语,因此只能用关系副词when。


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