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ArounD thE worlD什么意思

around the world 英 [əˈraund ðə wɜː(r)ld] 美 [əˈraʊnd ði wɜrld] 世界各地;全世界 双语例句 1. There were television crews and pressmen from all around the world. 来自世界各...

all over the world

around the world 英[əˈraund ðə wɜː(r)ld] 美[əˈraʊnd ði wɜrld] [词典] 世界各地;全世界; [例句]This has been a major problem exercising the minds of scientists around the wor...

around the world是环游世界,across the world 是穿越世界。你说一不一样

around the world的中文意思是:世界各地;全世界; 而throughout the world中文意思也是:全世界:举世。 区别如下: around the world是指环绕地球 throughout the world=all over the world 意思是遍及全球

地球的两端 半个地球;形容距离远

go around the world 环游世界 例句 1.My dream is to grow up to go around the world. 我的梦想是长大以后去环游世界。 2.We'll go around the world in a day. 我们有一天会周游世界。

greeting around the world 世界各地的问候 1. He took her hand in greeting and asked solicitously how everything was. 他握着她的手表示问候,关切地问她一切是否都好。 2. There was a tinge of condescension in her greeting. 她的问候...

from around the world 来自世界各地的 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 从世界各地 2. 来自全世界 例句: 1. They attract the best students from around the world. 它们吸引了来自世界各地的最好的学生。



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